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Mirsad Bektic is Scheduled to Debut in the UFC in Orlando Florida

On April 23, 2012, I had the honor of meeting and working with Mirsad Bektic. The Seven Fightgear brand and product line was in its first stages of development. All we had were some product samples and concepts on paper. Chad Coppenbarger, in charge of product design and business development for Seven Fightgear had given me a list of athletes, up and coming MMA athletes, that he thought exemplified the Seven Fightgear vision and would represent the values of our brand.

I reached out to Bektic who was in training at ATT Cocunut Creek Florida and introduced myself. I told him I was the Marketing Director for Macho and that, with the help of Coppenbarger, we were in the process of launching a new brand called Seven Fightgear. I explained the vision of Seven. I told him that our goal was to focus on the development of the athlete and to embrace the true concept of MMA. The seven core disciplines that make up MMA: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestling, Muay Thai, Karate, TaeKwonDo, Judo and Boxing.

When Bektic arrived at the photoshoot in April 2012, along with six other talented athletes, it didn’t take long for me to recognize that Bektic would soon be on his way to the UFC. What was most impressive about Bektic, was his quiet and modest demeanor. Despite his accomplishments and undefeated record, he was polite and unassuming. When I asked him about his life and his training, I was equally impressed with his focus and discipline. He was so grateful to be a part of the ATT Cocunut Creek Florida team, I remember him saying, “I am truly blessed.” Even though I am sure he knows how talented he is, his presence was humble and understated.

As the days went on I learned about his family coming over to the United States as Bosnian refugees. The stories he shared were heart wrenching. The simply stated tattoo on his shoulder, “Believe,” summed up everything Bektic embodies. He has an inner strength you rarely see. Now, it seems only fitting that exactly two years later, Bektic is returning to Orlando, Florida. This time, he is introducing himself to the world with his debut in the UFC on April 19, 2014. He will face the also undefeated Chas Skelley. Skelly is training at Team Takedown. I can’t wait to see him out there. Read more about Mirsad Bektic and his training at

Find out more about Mirsad Bektic and his road to victory. This was a great article about Bektic, published by the Miami Herald.

Victory Fighting Championships 41, Saturday December 14th at the Ralston Arena

Current fight card:

LC Davis Vs Ryan Roberts Bantam Weight Championship
Josh Neer vs Anthony Smith
Jason Brilz vs Dallas Mitchell
Mirsad Bektic vs Joe Pearson
Brandon Pfannensteil vs Tim Bazer
Kassius Kayne vs Jason Jensen

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Kansas City Fighting Alliance 7

About this Event:

416 W. Maple Ave., Independence, Missouri 64050

August 3rd the Fireworks continue with a Pro/Am event headlined with
Dallas Browning vs Derek Holly!
Deryck Ripley vs Matt Dukes
Derek Bohi vs Kirk Grinlinton
Julian Marquez vs Danny Klick
Samuel Steven Blanton vs Desi Arnau
Jamie Lafernier vs Joe Estrada
Alex Stobbe vs Sella Rabe
Theo Brown vs Charles Brown
Chase Mccoy vs Drew Kiel
Jordan Doolin vs Bobby Walker
Jordan Washington vs Dillon Smith

Kansas City Fighting Alliance

Victory Fighting Championships 40 Saturday July 27th at the Ralston Arena

Current fight card:

Houston Alexander vs Chuck Grigsby for the VFC LHW Title
Jay Wood vs Brian Foster for the VFC WW Title
Ryan Jensen vs Victor Moreno
Drew Dober vs T.J. O’Brien
Dakota Cochrane vs TBD
Brian Houston vs Jett Jones
Amateur Card:
Julian Fernandez vs Kassius Kayne
Troy Nawrocki vs Mike Messer
Rex Littell vs Dondre Hubert
Tyler Bell vs Dylan Henry
Wayne Sullivan vs Jake Hurst
Seth Bass vs Cody Sherwood
James Nakashima vs Chris Miller

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