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Need a Fitness Program? Try MMA.

The vast majority of athletes who practice MMA in fitness and training gyms across America aren’t competing in professional fights or even interested in that. They aren’t interested in trying to find a sponsor. They are everyday people who choose MMA to maintain their fitness level in a sport that offers a vigorous training program. Its business professionals, college students, mothers, runners, teachers – all interested in one thing: an exciting, fast-paced workout program that makes them strong and fit.

Most people don’t think of MMA as a fitness program, but if you talk to any fighter out there who is training for the professional circuit, they’ll tell you that nothing gets you in better shape than MMA training. Drew Dober, MMA fighter out of Omaha, Nebraska, says MMA is the most well-rounded fitness regimen. “MMA uses every part of your body. It builds your stamina from the first day in the gym,” says Dober. “MMA also isn’t a boring routine. It can be different every time you’re in the gym and that keeps you energized about it … you want more,” he says.

Because MMA is based on seven different types of martial arts, there are many techniques, styles, and training activities that can challenge any athlete. MMA strengthens a person’s body in ways that have long-term health benefits such as agility, stamina, endurance and flexibility.  “You can’t make it through class if you’re not building your strength and your stamina. It keeps the weight off and I know my concentration and mental determination are better because of MMA,” says Dober. With that kind of endorsement, we wonder why it hasn’t become preventative health care for us as we grow older.

Grappling is one discipline that Drew Dober uses in his training. “Grappling teaches you to use strategy and skill to solve the problem rather than sparring. It is an effective self defense tool and it tests every muscle at near 100% effort – there’s no better workout than that,” says Dober. Experts in the industry say Grappling has many other benefits such as teaching patience and perseverance, goal setting, work ethics, stress relief and weight loss.

Grappling focuses on technique and leverage. Athletes of any size, strength or speed can become accomplished in grappling and learn to defend themselves and control their opponent in a safe and humane way. Students of grappling improve their balance, reflexes, coordination, self-esteem, discipline and confidence.

Drew Dober and Mirsad Bektic demonstrate some standard grappling techniques for Seven Fightgear below.

Seven Fightgear - Grappling Techniques

In this technique, Mirsad Bektic is going for an Armbar from the bottom.

Seven Fightgear Grappling Techniques ARMBAR

Seven Fightgear Grappling Techniques

Below Drew and Mirsad show several other techniques:

Top Left: Ground and Pound from Mount position
Top Center: Ground and Pound from Knee on Body
Top Right: Umaplata
Bottom: Arm Triangle from Side Control

Seven Fightgear Grapple Techniques Drew Dober Mirsad Bektic

To learn more about grappling, visit a local gym in your area or read here>

Drew Dober Ready for VFC Fight December 15

Drew Dober is ready for his December 15 fight for Victory Fighting Championship with Robert Rojas at the Ralston Arena in Omaha, Nebraska. Dober says he spends 40+ hours in the gym and is always improving his technique. For tickets call 402-301-6044 or visit

Marques Jackson

Marques Jackson will be fighting at the Ultimate Blue Corner Battles November 30, 2012 at Harrah’s Casino in Kansas City, MO. Over the weekend, we spotted Marques training at Grind House MMA with his trainer Austen Ford.

Music: Chinese Man “I’ve Got That Tune”

Seven’s American Style Boxing Gloves in Action

Brian Davidson works out the Seven Focus Mitts wearing the American Style Boxing Gloves.

Seven Focus Mitts in Action

Why Wear Grappling Gear?

Grappling Gear Seven Fightgear

Seven Grappling Gear worn by Mirsad Bektic.

We asked Drew Dober to talk to us about the benefits of using grappling gear in training. Here’s what he had to say.

SEVEN: Is there a downside to training without wearing protective gear?
DOBER: I know some athletes do it, but gear is a very important part of keeping you safe and your body well enough to train often. It prevents unnecessary damage to your body and protects you from injuries, which gives you an opportunity to get into the gym everyday.

SEVEN: We know that safety is one reason to wearing training gear, but are there any other reasons?
DOBER: The weight of the gloves actually helps increase your speed. Plus, when you have confidence in your equipment, it gives you less to think about while training in such a demanding sport.

SEVEN: Some athletes say it hinders movement or gets in the way – would you agree?
DOBER: yes in a way. Weighing you down and hindering your movement are also benefits to wearing equipment because as you get use to wearing equipment it will help make you faster, stronger, and more mobile.


Seven’s Grappling Shin Guard is noticeably different the minute you see it. The Seven Grappling Shin Guard answers the problem all athletes have with shin guards – shifting and repositioning.

Seven Fightgear Grappling Shin Guard

The design includes a neoprene stretch fabric on the back that covers the entire leg so it slips on like a sock and fits like a glove — eliminating the problem with shifting. It’s lightweight and made of synthetic leather so it provides excellent protection for the shins and calves. It’s also cooler to wear due to the high quality moisture wicking material throughout the interior. Combine it with the Seven Open Face Headgear and Hybrid Training Glove for complete training protection.






Drew Dober: A Fighter That Never Quits.

Drew Dober | Seven Fightgear

Like many fighters, Drew Dober has a dream. His daily hours of hard work in the gym are a job description for his ultimate career goal as a full-time fighter with the UFC. Drew’s roots lie in traditional martial arts, from Taekwondo and Karate to Wrestling, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai.

“It didn’t take long for me to realize that I was going to spend my life in sport,” says Drew Dober. “I’ve been training in martial arts and MMA for about ten years and I still wake up every day looking for more … ready to put in the work.”

Drew Dober was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska. His interest in martial arts began at the age of 13, when he enrolled in TaeKwonDo and Karate classes. He soon found his sport of choice — Muay Thai — and says he integrates skills from Muay Thai into his MMA style.

“I prefer the striking of Muay Thai. I can mix everything I know with skills from my other disciplines and create my own fight style that keeps me from being vulnerable,” says Dober. He still likes to be a part of Muay Thai fights, but adds, “here in the midwest, Muay Thai fights are hard to find.” It doesn’t seem to matter, however, because early on Dober had a plan.

Drew Dober MMA Fighter

In high school, he added wrestling to his experience with Taekwondo and Karate. True to form, Drew put in the work and earned a reputation for his wrestling prowess when he was named the District Silver Medalist for his team, as well as a qualifying spot at state competition. The discipline he learned in wrestling became part of his Muay Thai training, which ultimately became the foundation of his MMA fighting style. Whether through his own growth, or with a little push from the trainers and martial arts community in his hometown, Drew’s transition to MMA was complete by the time he graduated from high school and participated in his first fights.

“Winning against three undefeated fighters certainly helped kickstart my career,” says Dober. “I was fired up and knew I made the right decision.”  What followed was an amateur fight record of 12-0, including an 8-1 record as an amateur Muay Thai fighter. In July of 2009, Drew left amateur status to become a pro MMA fighter, and with three years of professional fights under his belt, he is now focused on a path that leads to the UFC, and ultimately holding a world title.

Next up on Drew’s schedule is a December 15 fight at Ralston Arena in Omaha, Nebraska at the Victory Fighting Championship. When asked what he thinks his best attribute is as a fighter, Dober confidently says, “I work hard. I am dedicated to my fighting and I never quit.”

Dober says MMA competition is like physical chess. After hours in the gym a fighter must consider every second, every move, every strike. “Every single discipline that I’ve learned helps me when I’m in the cage. It’s raw competition at its finest and I have to use every element I know to outsmart my opponent,” he says.

For now, Drew is taking advantage of all the opportunities he can. Earlier this year Drew got a chance to fight for UFC’s reality show, The Ultimate Fighter: Season 15, against Darren Cruikshank, and while he was defeated by a decision, Dober’s performance was described by Geno Mrosko on SB Nation as a fighter who held up even “when the kitchen sink didn’t put him down….”.

Drew Dober Grappling with Mirsad Bektic   Drew Dober | Seven Fightgear

Drew is a member of the Mid-America MMA team as well as Team Vaghi – a group of MMA fighters from St. Louis, Omaha, and Kansas City. For tickets to Drew’s upcoming fight at the Victory Fighting Championship, click here. Be sure to like Seven Fightgear on Facebook or Twitter to keep up with Seven Fightgear athletes. See Drew in the Seven Fightgear video

Want more info on Drew?

Sherdog Fight Profile
Drew Dober Facebook
Drew Dober Twitter: @DrewDober
Victory Fighting Championship Video


Photography by Chris McEniry

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