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James Krause Earns “Fight of the Night” & “Submission of the Night”

It’s amazing how fast things can change. Less than a month ago, James Krause was working out and staying focused for a fight he didn’t even know existed in his near future. He just knew when the call came he’d be ready. To prepare for a fight without a known opponent, forces you to focus on every skill with an intensity level that is hard for most to comprehend.
Striking, grappling, power, endurance, speed…you just don’t know which piece of the training will prove to be your biggest asset when the time comes.

When James Krause accepted the fight against Sam Stout, just two weeks ago, he knew he had to be strategic. He knew a veteran like Sam Stout was going to be a tough fight. But Krause was ready. Years of training, maturing and finding his own zone made them a solid match. It was an exciting fight to watch and brought us to the final seconds before Krause submitted Stout, catching the UFC veteran in a guillotine from off his back. Stout tapped to the choke at 4:47 of the final round. It was the second-to-latest fight to end by submission in UFC history.

“I hurt him badly in the first round with those kicks and knees but, with two weeks’ notice for the fight and with him being so hard to finish, I knew I couldn’t afford to go crazy to try to finish him,” Krause said. “I wanted to finish him, but I couldn’t chase him all around the Octagon hoping to land a bomb. I had to apply smart pressure. He hasn’t been stopped since 2006, and this is a big win for me.”

It was a huge win for Krause and his boys back in Kansas City. Not only did Krause submit Stout, but he earned Fight of the Night and Submission of the Night. The post-show interviews and the interaction between Stout and Krause during the event add to Krause’s mass-audience appeal. He’s humble and gracious. We are certain to see more of Krause in the UFC and we look forward to it. Krause is a great example for the sport of MMA. He’s a proven athlete with time on his side. Some people are calling him an overnight sensation. Some are coining him a Cinderella story. But for those who see and work with Krause each day at Grindhouse Gym, they know this is reward for hard work, dedication and years of training.

Check out this video of James Krause training in February 2013. He’s using the Seven American Style Boxing Gloves and Brian Davidson is wearing the headcam using the innovative Seven Give-N-Take.

Seven Give-N-Take: An Innovative MMA Coaching Tool

Change things up in the gym with the Seven Give-n-Take. Designed as coaching mitt/glove combo, this product is designed to receive repetitive strikes to the strike zone as a coaching mitt but also features the added dimension of padding and protection over the hand and knuckles so you can strike back. It enables you to create a series of unique training combinations that will prepare athletes for fierce competition.

Check out this video using the Seven Give-N-Take.

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Seven Fightgear MMA Gift Card

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Seven Fightgear is a new line of MMA gear and apparel dedicated to supporting MMA athletes as they train and compete. Seven fightgear launched this new product line in October 2012. In an effort to build long-term customer relationships and build a better understanding of the MMA athlete and his or her training programs Seven has announced a $100 gift card give-away each month. Simply register to receive exlcusive updates, information and special offer from Seven Fightgear to be entered for a chance to win a $100 Seven Fightgear giftcard. Once you get your giftcard code you can purchase your MMA training gear at During checkout you will simply apply you gift card code as a payment method.

Here’s the catch. We want your honest feedback to the gear you get. We’d like to see pictures of your gear in action and if you send them in and we post them, you will also get a special coupon code to use on a future order. We are so confident in the quality of the gear and products we are willing to give away $100 each month to a deserving MMA athlete.

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Seven FightGear @ VFC 38- Photos by Jerry Chavez

Seven’s American Style Boxing Gloves in Action

Brian Davidson works out the Seven Focus Mitts wearing the American Style Boxing Gloves.

Why Wear Grappling Gear?

Grappling Gear Seven Fightgear

Seven Grappling Gear worn by Mirsad Bektic.

We asked Drew Dober to talk to us about the benefits of using grappling gear in training. Here’s what he had to say.

SEVEN: Is there a downside to training without wearing protective gear?
DOBER: I know some athletes do it, but gear is a very important part of keeping you safe and your body well enough to train often. It prevents unnecessary damage to your body and protects you from injuries, which gives you an opportunity to get into the gym everyday.

SEVEN: We know that safety is one reason to wearing training gear, but are there any other reasons?
DOBER: The weight of the gloves actually helps increase your speed. Plus, when you have confidence in your equipment, it gives you less to think about while training in such a demanding sport.

SEVEN: Some athletes say it hinders movement or gets in the way – would you agree?
DOBER: yes in a way. Weighing you down and hindering your movement are also benefits to wearing equipment because as you get use to wearing equipment it will help make you faster, stronger, and more mobile.


Seven’s Grappling Shin Guard is noticeably different the minute you see it. The Seven Grappling Shin Guard answers the problem all athletes have with shin guards – shifting and repositioning.

Seven Fightgear Grappling Shin Guard

The design includes a neoprene stretch fabric on the back that covers the entire leg so it slips on like a sock and fits like a glove — eliminating the problem with shifting. It’s lightweight and made of synthetic leather so it provides excellent protection for the shins and calves. It’s also cooler to wear due to the high quality moisture wicking material throughout the interior. Combine it with the Seven Open Face Headgear and Hybrid Training Glove for complete training protection.






Head Cam Footage of Seven Fightgear Give’N Take Mitts

Seven Fightgear photographer Jerry R Chavez art work coming to soon!

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